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"It's 6:00 pm... do you know where your husband is? When Chris learns that his b rother-in law Dale has been hustling, he demands a cut of Dale's earnings by threatening to expose Dale to his wife, only to get it himself in the end. Fyerfli plays Dale the husband in the sensational Husband by Day, Hustler by Night, director Jett Blakk's steamy video about everybody's next-door neighbor who leads a double life.
Fyerfli gets his way with his assistant Mr. Trolley, played by Marco Pole, who needs a good recommendation for his new job. The boss pulls out his dick, and Mr. Trolley started paying lip service to his boss' cock. The two go at each other until Mr. Trolley finally gives up his cherry for the boss. Of course Mr. Trolley is not really Dale's assistant, he's the "john" who hires Dale to play the role of his boss demanding sex from his assistant. Dale goes home to find his b rother-in-law Chris, played by Sebastian Cole, just hanging out at his house... too lazy to find a job. Dale leaves the house that night for his next gig, not knowing that Chris is spying on him.
Dale shows up at the home of Bo Knight and Carlos Morales, a monogamous couple who like to have sex with a stranger watching. Dale is happy to oblige for cash. Bo and Carlos eagerly perform for Dale: sucking, rimming and fucking in many different positions, with Carlos being the great bottom that he is. Dale got so hot watching the couple get all sweaty in wild pig sex that he pulls his dick out and started jerking off. They watch each other and the temperature in the bedroom heats up. Unbeknown to Dale, b rother-in-law Chris is outside the window peeping in. The couple reaches their sweaty climax, and Dale shoots his huge load in Bo's face.
When Dale comes out of the house he is confronted by Chris, who threatens to blow Dale's cover to his sister unless Dale agrees to have him as a partner. But before Chris can be Dale's manager and market him, Chris wants to sample the merchandise. So Chris whips out his cock and Dale, feeling cornered, got down and started blowing Chris on the driver's seat. As Dale sucks furiously, Chris is enjoying an audience watching him get blown. Soon he shoots a big wad all over Dale's face.
Dale, having fulfilled the deed, thought he was home clear. But Chris has other ideas, including pimping him out to the two guys watching them earlier. So Dale is f orced to an alley to service the other two "johns," played by Nick Piston and Carter Rhodes. Chris stands to the side and watches as Dale performs all sorts of sexual demands. Dale is f orced on his knee to get fucked doggie style, while he sucks on the other guy's cock. They switch positions and Dale sits on the other guy's cock and resumes sucking. Dale then gets bent over the car hood and gets his sore ass abused some more, until the guys dump their loads.
Several weeks go by and many trans-sex-tions later, Dale and Chris are off to their next sex call. They meet four guys (John Marcus, Joe Sarge, Dillon Press and Ulizes Carpelli) in a warehouse and after the cash has changed hands, Dale got down on his knees. But the guys were not happy with Dale's sucking abilities, and wanting to get their money's worth, they pulled Chris over and decided to use him instead. A wild orgy ensues with cocks being f orced in every mouth available. In the meantime, Dale is clicking his camera away. One by one, they take turns assaulting Chris tight, virgin ass, with Dale bringing up the end of the line for the final thrust. Finally they formed a circle around him and shoot their loads all over Chris. With camera in hand, Dale tells Chris to pack up and get the hell out of his house, because he's done being a whore for him."
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