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"Ever have one of those mornings where you wake up naked in a bed you aren't familiar with next to a hot sexy guy... and the only thing you know for sure is that by the way he kisses you it must have been a good night?
That is exactly what happens to muscle boy Gustavo Boulevard in Brazilian House Party. Over breakfast he starts to remember some of the details from the night before, like how he hooked up with sexy long haired Alexandre Pernambuco. The flashback to the previous night's sex is a hot one and after getting Alexandre good and ready by licking out his hot ass, Gustavo drives his thick monster cock home until the two studs can't hold themselves back.
Gustavo decides to check out the rest of the house and quickly realizes that he wasn't the only one who crashed there for the night and he certainly wasn't the only one who got lucky. Peaking in a room he catches Tody who has a great hairy chest hooking up with a smooth muscle boy named Flavio. The two service one another and Flavio ends up offering his chiseled muscle butt up for a nice hard fucking.
Elsewhere in the house Gustavo it telling Adriano Fisher and tattooed Thiago Pavanello about what all he's seen around the house. The two get turned on and Gustavo leaves them to have their fun. The two studs get each other worked up in a hot 69 and Adriano tongue fucks Thiago until he is ready for a good fucking. The stud bends over and takes every inch Adriano has to offer and then takes a seat on it to show Adriano how he really likes it.
Gustavo keeps getting the guys in the house in the mood, this time showing three new studs, Juan Garcia, Caio Peron and Marcos, where they can find some hot Internet porn. The guys decide that they can do a better job on their own though and when Gustavo takes off the three guys’ waist no time getting naked and getting it on. After tag teaming Marcos' hot ass Caio decides it's his turn to get some cock and he goes for a ride on Juan's big meat."
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