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Penelope Cum carries out a new casting call and JotaDe is her guest of honour. The first point of today's agenda will be showing him her 2018 Ninfa award for the best Fellatio actress. This hot performer wonders if she actually deserved such an honour so wants to test it out.
Far from feeling intimidated, JotaDe proves that he too has the necessary skills to win an award because he happens to be able to perform with his big cock. The lovely Penelope is quite impressed with JotaDe's skills in the past and it even encourages her to prove how good of a cocksucker she really is, even if that means that a few tears come to her eyes due to all the gagging she has to do with that big cock.
Sucking his cock while sitting on the sofa and stripping off did impress him and when she swallowed all of his cock, well that git the sort of reaction she hoped for. Enough cock sucking for the time being as JotaDe puts her into the position over the sofa and fucks her there, making Penelope feel a little uncomfortable with such a big weapon inside her.
Squatting on him was much easier as they fucked in the cowgirl position and then even better, in the reverse cowgirl position. Lying her down on the sofa they continued in the reverse cowgirl position as we see Penelope’s face in pain while JotaDe got more excited. So much so that he pulled out and with Penelope kneeling on the carpet JotaDe wanked his cock into Penelope’s waiting mouth, leaving her with cum all over her face.
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