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Cast: Max & Barra Brass
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The first thing I noticed when Max entered my office was how incredibly fit his body was. He looked like he was carved out of rock, thick set and muscles bulging. I was wet with desire instantly. He said he had been here before for a casting interview but no one had called him back since with any work. One of my female agent predecessors must have got their lucky hands on him and now it was my turn. I made an excuse that my colleague had been let go and that we would have to do a new casting. He was very agreeable and said he wanted to do erotic modelling. Everything I asked him was met with a yes answer, I couldn't believe how easy this was going to be. He stripped off his clothes and I began to squirm in my seat as my eyes drank in his figure. When I asked him if we could do a camera test, he immediately agreed and it was time to get this studs cock inside me. As I sucked on his thick cock I hoped he had the stamina to give me the good fucking I was desperately craving for. To my joy, this stud could fuck as good as he looked. We fucked in several classic positions, he powered into me from behind in doggystyle, slammed his cock deep inside me as we spooned and I rode his cock like a jockey on the couch. My orgasm had been building for ages and as I ground down on his cock in reverse cowgirl it exploded and sent shivers of delight all through out my body. I was spent and I needed to see this studs cumshot. I leaned over his cock as he wanked himself off before exploding like a human volcano. His cum flew everywhere and even went up my nose a little bit. Wow, an amazing start to the day but he'll still wont receive a call back from us. Hope he doesn't spend too much time waiting by the phone.
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