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Release Year: 2017
Genres: Femdom ,Foot Domination, Foot Fetish
Video language: English
As a kid I remember my parents scolding me about my posture. Many of us have these memories. In this video Elise Graves tries to correct Dart_Tech's bad posture with a corset, arm binder and a bit of strict schoolhouse punishment. Elise adds a neck corset posture collar and spandex hood, and then bolts his head into an overhead transparent box. This bizarre rig holds Dart_Tech in a strict standing position, and his armbinder and waist corset keeps his posture in the correct position. To add to his vulnerability, Elise parts his ankles with a spreader bar.
At this point Dart_Tech finds himself in no position to slouch, no less complain. Lets stop here and take note of the fact that Elise Graves loves to put guys in bondage and make then helpless, regardless of their posture. Yep. Elise enjoys using bondage gear to hold guys in compromising positions. This scene is just an example. Once Dart_Tech is fully restrained Elise brings out a small whip to torment his exposed cock. Only time will tell if this procedure will correct Dart_Tech's posture, but I know a lot of guys who would pretend to have bad posture just to get the same treatment from Elise.
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