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Studio: BadPuppy
Cast: Milos Ovcacek
Genres: Muscle, Fingering, Jock, Solo, Gay, Hairy, Masturbation, Cumshot
Milos Ovcacek is a strapping, well-built young man who had been after us for a while to film him. He always saw how the guys and girls looked at him when he passed and he wanted everyone to see everything he has to offer. Finally in front of the camera Milos rubs his chiseled tummy with his hands, lifting his t-shirt periodically tempting us with the treasure trail that disappeared down his underwear. Pulling his underwear down just a little bit was all it took to free his large and swelling cock that plopped out from the shorts and sprang to attention. Allowing his shorts to fall to the floor and completely naked now, Milos sits down on the sofa, spreads his legs and begins jerking his thick cock and playing with his balls. Continuing to jerk his cock, Milos is a little surprised when the Badpuppy masseur walks in with his bottle of lube. He grabs Milos’ cock, squirts an ample amount of lube on the tip of his cock and starts slowly working his cock up and down as Milos’ cock gets harder and harder. Our masseur helps Milos pull his legs back so that he can get better access to Milos’ ass which is quickly filled by the masseur’s fingers. Milos turns around and kneels on the sofa with his ass spread wide. The masseur applies some more lube and begins working both Milos’ asshole with his fingers and jerking his cock with the other hand. Turning back over on the sofa Milos and the masseur take turns jerking Milos’ cock until Milos squirts the biggest and creamiest loads we’ve seen before heading off to the shower to clean up.
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