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Release Year: 2007
Studio: Satyr Films
Cast: Rock Bottom TJ Alexandre Carino Charlie (m) Erin (m)
Genres: Orgies Bareback Anal
We got an email from a hot BMX motorcycle racer by the name of Erin. His fantasy was to be the bottom boy in what he called a “bareback fuck and gag” film. We thought this was such a great name for a film that we decided to name our next film “Bareback Fuck and Gag”. Erin is one sexy man! He has a taut, muscular body that most women would lust after. Too bad, ladies on this day, Erin was the pig bottom slut that was passed around from cock to cock. We started with putting Erin on his back with his mouth wide open for a 15-minute throatfuck. He was choking, gurgling and spewing up buckets of spit. With so much action in this film, you can’t afford to miss out! Enjoy! .
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Duration: 1:52:45
Video: 528x400, XviD, 1613kbps
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