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Cast: Barry, Many, Miky, Oskar, Ruben
Genres: Bareback Porn
Video language: English
Bareback Scouting brings us a bunch of twink boy scouts, who love nothing better than to make love to one another in the woods. There is virtually no dialogue in this full-on bareback sexual extravaganza as the boys are too busy sucking and fucking!
We start off with two lads asleep in bed. A drowsy cuddle leads to arousal, and the sheet is pulled away to reveal two nice, slender bodies. The boy with the shaved head gives his lover a nice suck, amid plenty of chest-licking. The dark-haired boy rims his partner, and this develops into some interesting arsehole-gaping! Needless to say, buggery ensues, the shaven-haired lad acting as bottom. He takes it missionary-style, then climbs on top for some more. They go through a range of positions, before ending with a facial. At this point, the shaven-headed boy dresses and leaves - because he's a boy scout, and his troop awaits!
Next, we see him with four other boys, marching through the woods in their nice uniforms (neckerchiefs and toggles, too!) Some campsite exercises get intimate, with groping and more, and the scouts form a five-boy cock-sucking train! Naked as babies, they pile into a building for a snogathon and mass wank, from which two very erect lads split off, for a romantic tryst of their own. The blonde one gives the other's long, straight dick a loving suck, then fingers the dark boy's arsehole. Their sixty-nine session results in facial splashing, and a spunky snog! They sodomise each other enthusiastically, and then we join the other three, who are writhing naked together. One boy is shagged in arse and mouth - wonder if he got a badge for that?
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