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Release Year: 2018
Genres: Femdom,Female Femdom,Strapon,Domination
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It's your first day at the prison. You're surprised to be stripped naked before a female guard. She's stunning. Dressed in stiletto boots with black jodphurs, a black tie and a crisp white shirt. She's armed with a pistol and handcuffs and carries a strap. Welcome to Femdom Jail. She spits in your face, slaps you, kicks you and belts you. Welcome to hell, because She's not going to let you forget your place beneath Her boots.
Now the beating begins in earnest. Mistress Jo on top form again. This isn't a guy who can take his pain, like a lot of hard whipping clips. This poor guy writhes and moans in genuine agony, but Mistress Jo wouldn't let him have a safe word.
Once She's thoroughly beaten him into submission it's time to see how much he's learned about his station in life, so down he goes to lick Her boots. If he's keen and eager to do a good job and is truly humble, then life at the prison might begin. However, it's rare for a new inmate to get it right first time, so this is rarely the end of the torments. Rather, just the beginning.
Mistress Jo is going to give him one last chance, but he's going to find it much harder to please Her now he's handcuffed and sniveling about on the floor. She Could take the cuffs off, but what fun would that be?
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