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The first two scenes are the better of the four, but all of them are pretty good. In the first scene, the entire cast rubs food over the naked body of a guy tied to a dining room table. After they've all had their fun doing that, they leave, stranding the guy on the table, his body now a tasty dessert treat. It's not long before a kind blonde comes by to lick him off. She's joined shortly after by a male friend who wants to share, and the three take turns pleasuring each other in a variety of positions. She gets fucked pretty hard, and then the guys take turns doing each other while licking her shaved pussy on the table. It's a strong table, too?at one point all three are on it in a three way fuck.
Second scene has a big-breasted brunette babe with two pool hunks as they escape the party by the pool and find a quiet place to sex each other up. These two guys like kissing cuz this scene's got a fair amount of it . A scene highlight has one guy reverse cowboy straddling the other guy on the couch as the brunette looks on and masturbates. We only see one guy pop on her face at the end though.
The third and fourth scenes are somewhat combined, as it cuts for a few minutes between both. Third scene begins with food. We see two guys, naked, snacking on open-faced sandwiches, looking at a few CDs . Then a lovely lookin' brunette vixen comes in, grab this one guy's sandwich, takes it apart and smears it all over her pussy. Can't tell whether it's butter or mayo, but she's soon getting it licked off by the guy . Most of the scene ends up on a leather couch, with plenty of oral all around. Then she goes reverse cowgirl on the couch while the guy doin' her gives the other guy a blowjob. Always a good match-up is a three-per sandwich, with one guy in the middle getting fucked in the ass and fucking a tight pussy. There are two nice pop shots, covering her face with cum, and she gets it in the eye both times . Excellent cumshot.
For the fourth scene, we go poolside, where the last remaining three partygoers fuck by the water. Halfway through this, the blonde chick dons a strap-on. But the strap-on seems to be hollow and not made from a very sturdy material, because while she's fucking this guy's ass, it's bending up on itself. In this scene we do get treated to a three way sandwich with the girl with the strap-on in the middle.
After a hard day of fucking, everyone gets back by the pool for a lil' monkey business, and that's the end.
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