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Release Year: 2016
Cast: Blaire Ivory
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I was born in Pittsburgh, PA. My biological man is 6'4, and my mom is 5'8. Yes, I know I'm tall; so please refrain from asking if I play basketball: I don't. Volleyball, actually. So anyways, I moved around a decent amount as a little. From Pittsburgh to Lexinton, VA when I was 2; from Lexington to Hot Springs, VA when I was 8; from Hot Springs to Roanoke, VA when I was 14. I graduated from high scool when I was 17, because I was put into school early for being one of those gifted . I tried to go to college at that point, but I had never had to study before. I had no idea how to study for tests, actually spend time doing schoolwork, actually focus on classes, anything. So basically, my grades started to fall to a new all-time low. It was probably November of that semester that I decided to stop trying and game on my computer all day. Needless to say, I withdrew and went home at the end of the semester. My parents weren't exactly thrilled. Actually, my step man didn't speak to me for a few months.
So I got a few jobs and waited until I turned 18. About a week after I turned 18, I went to the only strip club in my town to try and make a little more money. See, I was always short on money. I had to pay my own bills: car insurance, phone bill, rent... and whatever my man decided to tack on when I broke the rules. Which was often. So I was always struggling to make more money, even with 2 or 3 jobs at a time. I could never seem to get enough hours at work, I was always exhausted, my bosses always hated me for being so tired. Life basically sucked. But stripping was kind of a turning point in a lot of ways. I made more money, had more time, got more comfortable being naked. The thing that sucked was that this particular club was full of a lot of older men, which still made me uncomfortable. We're talking 60, 70, 75 year olds that paid $30 to have me dance on their laps. Not fun for me, but the money was good enough that I wasn't struggling as much anymore.

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