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Kai came with a list of Blake Mason guys he couldn't wait to fuck, and Drew was right up there. It worked out well, he was more than happy to take on that rock solid cock. The guys kiss and grope on the bed in nothing but their underwear and sexy socks, but soon those dicks are out and leaking precum into each other's mouths as they slurp each other. The passion only grows and soon enough Kai is sliding his long throbber into that tight hole and giving Drew an amazing fuck. Check out the punishing ramming he gives Drew when he's riding him! With balls swinging and slapping it's no wonder these guys can't hold back for much longer. Drew wanks off and spews his cream over his new buddy, and once Kai has had a taste of his juices he's ready to wank himself off to a spurting climax too! These guys make a great team, you'll probably be hitting play on them again soon.
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