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This blonde beauty is just relaxing in her short skirt and pink stockings, fingering her hot pussy… But then her creepy neighbor comes over and starts jerking off after seeing what she’s doing. She rolls her eyes and sighs, the moment ruined, but she figures she can still have some fun. Crossing and stroking her stocking-clad legs, she teases the horny pervert while he continues to jack off. And when he tries to convince her to do more, she chooses to kick him in the balls instead. He groans, but it doesn’t discourage him, apparently thinking that if he endures her ballbusting punishment, she’ll “reward” him by giving him a little something more. He’s not very smart. Nonetheless, she does give him a bit of a treat, stripping out of her clothing to show off a flawless body with perky tits and a smooth pussy while he’s busy groaning on the floor and trying his best to continue jacking off. In the end, a footjob and some continued ballbusting leads to him cumming all over her foot like a true pervert.
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