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Impressarios Don Ross of The Body Shoppe and Brandon of "Brandon’s Buddies" (aka Don Ross’ degenerate acolyte) team up for more military straight boy trade shenanigans as these young, hung, freshly graduated military "booties" national policy for the sake of our libidos. They troll California for mostly straight trade and coerce them into playing with themselves, getting it on, and even letting "oldster" Don manhandle the leased merchandise.
Our first boys, 20-year-old Ryan and Tommy, are an easy score: Don and Brandon, under the guise of shooting a video for girls to watch (sure), bring the boys to their lair. At home, where cute blonde Aussie is waiting, Don jabbers like a magpie about girls and cocksucking, as does Brandon. At times both refer to themselves in third person. Sort of like Gollum.
The lads are smooth and very young - "Look at that young flesh" Don chirps. Nice lingering close-ups on Ryan’s baby-smooth face and chest as the three models stroke, a rather loud hetero porno encouraging said activity. Skankily, Don manhandles Aussie’s cock, the head of which - from what I can tell - fosters a cluster of something. That doesn’t stop Don from spreading the horror to barely willing Tommy, and then going back for more! The rest of the scene is basic jerking off, part of which sees the guys crouching over a mirror for asshole shots. Not particularly impressive cumshots, especially for Ryan, who dribbles offscreen. The guys shower afterwards, but not together. Lame.
Marine Sisko follows, who’s purportedly patrolling the beach for signs of dangerous waterborne terrorists or whatnot. Then it’s casually off to the apartment for stroking and accosting from Don. (Great to know our armed only deviate from duty in a post 9/11 United States for Body Shoppe shoots!) More asshole close-ups via floor mirror before a madly messy loads coats it.
Another Marine, Shawn, appears at The Body Shoppe office with a rifle in arms. (To finally put an end to Brandon? Tsk tsk on you for thinking so!) He puts down the rifle - gotta save those bullets for when Bush calls, he notes - and has a wank. Pretty eyes and a fuzzy chest on this guy, not to mention a massive ol’ dong, which he jams into a dick pump for a spell. oldster Don must have smelled the cock from a mile away, because he emerges from his burrow, wearing a fuckin’ glove that he communicates with as if it were a sentient entity ("It’s a thick dick, isn’t it glove?" he asks, a sheathed thumb raising in response). Moron. By the way, in a background mirror you can catch the clearest view of the enigmatic Don yet - law take note! More asshole close-ups, stroking, and a juicy finish.
Ryan and Joe, both Marines, follow. Ryan’s had his head shaved since the last time we saw him, but he’s still yummylicious! Straightforward jackin’, a nice load for long-dicked Ryan. Biology students at heart, the guys compare load textures afterwards. Ralph, a butch slice of Marine, opts for a real quickie stroke under a tree. Finally, a trio - funky-dicked Aussie, sexy tall Kai, and dumbass Joe. The three take turns fucking a fake pussy, with generous oldster Don assisting. Back home, the guys actually start to interact sans ersatz female genitalia. Aussie sucks Joe, Kai sucks Aussie, the guys take turns squatting over the asshole mirror, which gets coated with cum. Joe spills two loads.
Bless our privates, but damned if they don’t breach security!
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