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It doesn't take a lot to keep some men occupied. Keer has a fat cock and a scrotum full of cum. Ricky has a warm, willing mouth. When we brought them together in a local bar, these two guys channeled the energy of all the men who have made the place so popular. Ricky wastes no time in freeing Keer's schlong from his pants and beginning to chow down. As he tends to the task at hand, Ricky savors the taste and feel of Keer's still-growing cock. Emboldened by his initial ability to swallow the monster cock, Ricky lavishes his attention on it, relishing its girth and length as it pushes down his throat again and again. Ricky doesn't neglect the head of Keer's dick, either. His tongue laps and flicks at it expertly as Keer sits back and enjoys his efforts. Ultimately, Keer delivers a load of white gold right where Ricky wants it. He proudly displays the goo before it slides down his gullet. Keer lets nothing go to waste as he directs Ricky to recover the last drops of his essence at the scene's end.
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