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I thought I would let Brenner try his hand at a massage with a happy ending.
Brenner, of course, loves a guy with hot muscles, and is most impressed when guys hve big pecs. So he really was into rubbing on Brannon!
Not sure if Brannon has done a massage table themed video before, but he took to it like a duck to water. The body worship is not just restricted to muscles, as there is some toe tonguing too!
Nice thing about Brannon is he is happy to give head back, but Brenner is all about sucking his cock and licking his hole. He has his face buried deep, so you know he loved eating his muscle ass!
We get a little bit of Brannon fucking Brenners face/throat, but the angle was a little off, and Brannons cock is standing completely at attention. He pulls out and unloads his cum on to Brenners face. Normally Brenner is all about eating cum, but I think he was focusing on pulling his load out at the same time, and nuts with Brannons load dripping on his face!
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