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Cute new freshman Brayden is excited about his first, full-on action scene – and he's especially excited that it's with Paige!
Dark and sexy Paige is also excited. She loves to get a nice guy in bed and turn him naughty – and she does a great job with Brayden.
Brayden kisses Paige's neck and pulls off her top. She rubs his stiff bulge through his underwear and he kisses her nipples. You can tell Brayden's stoked to be able to play with such an adventurous and hot girl.
Brayden goes down on Paige, making her moan. Paige sucks Brayden's cock, bobbing up and down on his dick, getting him wet and ready to plunge into her.
Getting Paige back down on the bed again, Brayden stuffs his cock into her pussy. He fucks her slowly at first, then ramps up the intensity, his lean abs tightening with each thrust. He pushes one of her legs over and shoves his dick into her sideways.
Paige climbs up on top and rides Brayden, grinding up and down on his cock. Brayden loves it, pushing her up and down on his dick.
Brayden then pounds Paige from behind, pulling her head back by her long black hair and fucking her doggy-style. He pumps his cock in and out, then has her suck his cock. He bangs her faster until he pulls out to blow a huge load all over her ass!


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