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One thing that really gets our pricks hard is seeing a straight dude’s big manly arse! Miles has a massive round with a line of hair down the crack and circling his sphincter. He struts around all day wearing his tight business trousers and wiggling his bum to tease us. Now he’s secured down naked with his arse up in the air we can do whatever we fucking want to this big luscious one. We wrench his cheeks apart, gob on his arsehole and ram our fingers up to feel his guts. He curses us and warns us away. Discipline is called for in the form of a hard relentless flogging to turn his arse fiery red. He’s given the option of receiving more spanking or getting the sensitive soles of his feet caned. We actually get this bastard begging us for a beating! His cock and big full balls are lassoed and secured. A big fat dildo is shoved up his hole and he’s fucked deep. This fucking hetero can’t stop his prostate being stimulated from his arse being rammed while Adrian seizes Miles’ cock and tosses him off. Like a great big beast his balls are drained under our command. We now own this hetero’s arse!
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