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The cameras are rolling the minute the boys arrive in New Orleans. From the arrival at the airport through settling in at the house and the introductory interviews, the viewer is part of all the action... true reality style. There is no behind the scenes... the movie is presented chronologically, and the viewer is along for all of the action all of the time. The first sex scene is the next morning, and it is between Brent Corrigan and Ryan Buckley. The two step into the bedroom from the porch where theyve been talking, and the action gets aggressive from the very start. Ryan grabs Brent and starts to make out, but its Brent who gets Ryans pants down first and starts to chow down on his already rock hard cock. Ryan then tosses Brent on the bed and starts licking and kissing from his face on down to his pants, which when yanked off reveal a seriously aroused Corrigan. Ryan sucks Brents cock and displays his oral skills on his ass and balls as well. He then turns around and gets into a 69 position where the two manhandle each other again. Theres lots of cock toying around at ass cracks before Ryan takes Brents dick deep into his ass as he sits on top and rides lick a bucking bronco. Brent takes control and does Ryan missionary before Ryan turns the tables and does Brent missionary style. Ryan stands up, picks Brent up and fucks him while holding him in his arms before putting him back down on the bed ad pounding him again. Brent sits on Ryans cock before cumming on his stomach as he is scissor fucked. Ryan empties his load on Corrigans stomach and the two make out.
The boys head out to Bourbon Street and the French Quarter to see the sights and pose for the two photographers (Jude Cooper and Steve Jerome) for some scenic shots. The video cameras are rolling the entire time, so you are right there with them as they stroll down the streets of the French Quarter and into the bars and restaurants on Bourbon Street. That evening the boys take part in a strip show hosted by Prisanna Shoulders at OZ nightclub, and all the fun is filmed before they head home to get rested up for work. The second sex scene is between MJ Taylor and Aiden Tyler. Aiden knows that everyone else has left the house, so he suggests that he and MJ get down to business. MJ blows Aiden first, they switch, then 69, and MJ then takes his time showing off his oral skills, rimming Aiden gie and missionary style before sliding his iron rod into Aidens wet hole. He plows Aiden in four positions before making Aiden cum on his stomach in the missionary position. Aiden then lies with his head in MJs crotch, sucking him and then taking his cum all over his face.
Brent Corrigan announces that we are now about midway through the Big Easy extravaganza, and we join the cast and crew at a very festive brunch being held in the courtyard of a good friends property, which includes the property once owned by Tennessee Williams. The event was going well, but the excitement meter went up when the boys decided to skinny dip in the pool. The entire crowd went from the one side of the courtyard where the bar is to the poolside. Everyone had a blast! Back at the house, Jeremy, Jake and MJ are lying on the bed discussing how much they have enjoyed the trip so far when spontaneous sex breaks out. Sucking, rimming, fingering and fucking in this three-way really shows how much the boys enjoy each other. MJ pounds Jakes ass as Jake blows Jeremy, then Jeremy fucks Jake as MJ feeds his cock to Jake. Once Jeremy fucks the cum out of Jake and shoots his load, MJ goes inside Jake once more to finish off and add his load to the pool of cum on Jakes front side.
Anticipating the Halloween festivities in New Orleans, Johnny Rocket and Brent Corrigan were in their zone preparing to suit up the entire cast as silver archers. Helmets, armbands, silver shorts, painted gym shoes, bows and arrows were all pre-planned and brought on the trip just for the night out to celebrate. If you havent been to New Orleans for Halloween, add it to your bucket list. You wont regret it. After a great night out clubbing, MJ is up early doing some studying for school when he is easily convinced to put the books aside for a hot scene with Jeremy. MJs eternally hard cock throbs throughout the scene as he sucks and rims Jeremy before making him shiver in by sliding his iron pipe up his ass. Jeremy bends over and takes it from behind, then sits on MJs cock and turns around to feel it from the other direction before lying down on the desk to get the cum pounded out of him. MJ pulls out and dumps his load on Jeremy before returning to his studies.
After a lengthy photo shoot on the Tennessee Williams property, including a cookout, the boys are wrapping up the evening and decide to share some dirty jokes. Its dark outside, but the cameras are still rolling and capture all the hilarity. Silly or not, you will laugh! At two and a half hours into the event, you wont want the experience to end, and because this is a dual layer disk, you still have more to come. In fact, a four-way between Brent, Aiden, Jake and Ryan is up next. The first item on the agenda is a hardcore photo shoot of the action, and the guys get into it so much they dont want to stop. So when the posing for the camera ends, the scene starts with they boys already hot and heavy into the action. Brent and Aiden on one couch slurping each others cocks as Ryan and Jake do the same on the adjacent sofa. Like kids in a candy store, they eye each other, wanting some of everything. Ryan is making Jakes eyes roll back in his head as he slides his cock in and out of his ass, and Aiden is in heaven taking Brents cock up his ass. Ryan just has to get him some Aiden, so he signals Brent and they switch and begin to pound away again. Jake and Brent watch Aiden ride Ryans cock for a moment (a real visual treat), then proceed to some fierce fucking of their own. The passionate sex tops the scale, and it is Aiden who blows first. Ryan then decided to move over and join the other two and slides his cock into Brents ass as he fucks Jake. Cum flies everywhere, and the boys group together for the camera to say, This is how Brent Corrigan does the Big Easy!
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