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Dirty booze-fuelled yobs, the Hoodie Wankers run the streets at night trashing and smashing everything in their way, working themselves into a frenzy that's unleashed when they get their rock hard cocks out and start getting even dirtier! With foot fetishes, smoking, spit, sub-dom action and, most importantly, massive cocks, this is the dirtiest and most delinquent Brits yet and you'll fucking love every minute, from start to spunk-soaked finish!
Fit thugs Ziggy and Jonnie Cash come back from a night of boozing and wreaking havoc for a smoke and some porn on the sofa. The porn gets the dark-haired, blue-eyed Jonnie so turned on that he decides to reach over and grabs Ziggy's long, hard dick, at which point the smoking is forgotten and the real porn starts! Ziggy's got soft pale skin, without a hair on it, save for a shock of red on his head! His full, pink lips wrap eagerly around Jonnie's fat cock, as the older yob pulls off his hoodie to reveal a deliciously rugged chest full of hair. From that point on it's a full-on, hard fucking, as Jonnie rides Ziggy's round, smooth ass, pumping his hole until he blows!
Shaven headed, tattooed hard man Jake attracts the attention of drunken yob Jason, who decides he wants a dirty fuck and Jake is going to let him have it! Hairy Jake turns out to be a real dirty pig, as he eagerly starts worshipping Jason's filthy trainers, giving sneaker fetishists everywhere something to get them really horny, sucking on the soles, before pulling them off and breathing in their odor deep! Then he gets to work on Jason's feet, licking eagerly between his toes and suckling on them, clearly loving every minute, as Jason, very much the dom top tells him that he's a filthy cunt! Verbal and dom/sub lovers will really get off on this scene as Jason proceeds to fuck him hard in his ass, ordering him to ride him harder and then blowing a hot load across the pig's willing face!
Wanking in a grimy public toilet leads to something even more fun for delinquent hoodies Chris and MJ. Pierced and tattooed, with a lean, tight body, Chris is the lucky owner of one monster length that he strokes in front of dark-skinned, shaven-headed hunk MJ, who seemingly can't wait to get it in his mouth! The broad-chested bastard swallows the whole thing down hungrily, suckling every drop of precum off the end and taking the entire length down his throat, gagging on it but still sucking! Chris then decides to bend MJ over and examine his tight hole, drenching it in wads of spit, before sliding his fingers inside one by one, stretching it out and working it to make it ready for his massive length, which MJ rides wildly, sliding up and down it whilst moaning loudly, loving every second of having that fat dick inside him!
Young scallies Timo and Oliver come back from a smash and grab that leaves them worked up and bursting with tension that they can only relieve through a long, sweaty session of shagging! Tall, hung brute Timo has a lean, hairy body and a long, thick, throbbing cock and looks like the kind of guy that could throw you down and fuck you rigid! He proves that this is definitely the case, when he pulls off the smaller, blond boy Oliver's jeans and, after some nice, wet cock-sucking he slides his monster meat deep into the younger boy's peachy ass and begins pounding him hard, forcing his dick deeper with each hard thrust, making Oliver wince and scream with ecstasy at the same time. However, in a horny turn of events, Timo then climbs onto Oliver's equally impressive dick and rides it, cowboy style, bringing both lads to a hard, hot and horny climax!
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