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Release Year: 2019
Genres: kicking, kneeing, trampling, uniform, dresses and skirts, humiliating, foot worship, barefoot, 2 or more ballbusters, heels, carmen, nikki, school.
Video language: English
More awesome 2-on-1 action in this week's offering from Ballbusting World! Brand new girl Carmen joins Nikki for her first ever taste of ballbusting... Not that you'd know it by the way Carmen gets right into dishing out ball pain to poor Jerome! Jerome, the school bully, wants the girls' dinner money, but they have no intention of giving him it - preferring to give him a serious ballbusting instead! The two sexy blondes gang up on their weak male opponent and put him in a world of pain by tag teaming to kick, knee and stomp him in the balls repeatedly until he is in a state of extreme pain on the floor of the classroom! Carmen, under Nikki's watchful eye, takes to ballbusting like a duck to water, with a frighteningly sadistic glint in her eye throughout!
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