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Petite Carolina Sweets stopped by my yoga retreat to seek enlightenment and find herself. I show her around and have her meditate, then I send her upstairs to get cleaned up. She starts meditating again on the bed and I come up and blindfold her and start fondling her. I take my dick out and put it in her face and tell her that I am her master and to do what I tell her. I fuck her face roughly and spit in her mouth. I put my fingers down her throat and stretch her mouth out. I then put her in a choke before throwing her on the bed and fucking her tight little fuck box. I turn her upside down and fuck her throat roughly and choke and slap her pretty little face. I fuck her harder before taking her into the other room and fucking her throat more. Lots of spit and tears are coming out of her eyes in this one!!! I make her spread my ass open and eat it before continuing her deepthroat face fuck training. I fuck her face and pussy in many more positions before blowing my load all over her face! I then have her put her shoes on and take her downstairs by her hair. I tell her to get out and push her outside nude with cum all over her face!!! Carolina was a good girl.
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