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Release Year: 2002
Cast: Brock Masters, Cade Devli, Chad Johnso, Clint Fox, Court Logacadet, J.C., Kirk Kelley, Masked Mystery, Matt Sizemore, Ryan Michaels, Sean Storm, Tony Steele, Clay Foxe, Jack Hazzard, Jay Law, Jay Ross
Genres: anal, oral, general hardcore, fetish, condoms
Superstar Brock Masters is back with a star studded cast of 11 handsome, big dicked guys together for 6 steamy scenes of man lust in this, the latest release from Director Chip Daniels, entitled "Man Academy 2, Rite of Passage." Welcome to a new year at the Man Academy, and along with it, a bevy of new Cadets, who are eager to survive, thrive, and endure the travails of the Man Academy's notorious "Hell Week."
Centaur's exclusive topman, Brock Masters, sporting an enormously thick and juicy cock and perfectly chiseled body, plays the Instructor in charge of physical training. Co-starring is legendary porn superstar Chad Johnson who, as in the first Man Academy, plays President Reiger, a strict disciplinarian with a penchant for using his wooden paddle, calloused hands, and 11" by 7" cock to keep the new boys in check. Also co-starring is sexy French import, the hot top European superstar Ryan Michaels, who, as Instructor Ryan, with his own 10" by 6" uncut prick, knows how to keep his students in line. Add to the mix Centaur's new twink sensation, Kirk Kelley, whose hungry butt and mouth are used repeatedly as he earns his stripes. Throughout this 2-hour movie presentation you will enjoy load after load as young mouths and asses writhe in painful pleasure. From classroom discipline to outdoor survival training; from physical endurance courses to the final Rite of Passage ceremony; watch two-ways, three-ways and four-ways of intense sexual thrills in this 2-hour epic passage of manhood, featuring over 16 cum shots by 11 of the hottest, hunkiest men ever to grace a campus.
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