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Cast: Channing
Genres: solo, young, blond, muscular, bubble butt, jerk off, flesh
Channing is a very shy guy! It is so nice to be around him. Some of the muscle guys have large egos, but Channing is quiet, shy and eager to please.
He has done video work before, but I wanted to get him in for the standard solo/oral, just to see how he does.
He has a super-hot body, and clearly spends a lot of time in the gym.
Since he has done video before, I am sure he will be back for more than just oral. He seems fine with both topping and bottoming, but given his passive vibe, he seems like a natural bottom.
For his solo, I pulled out FleshJack to give him something new and different to play with. He loved it, and takes his time stroking his cock and even fucking it.
He abandons the toy to stroke out a load. He had a great time and will definitely be back for more!
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