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Release Year: 2018
Studio: ChaosMen
Cast: Constantine
Genres: cumeating, cumshot, gay, masturbation, porn, posing, selfabuse, solo
One the best (unintentional) self-facials on the net! But first a little bit about Constantine. I love it when I get guys who come in with dynamic personalities. Constantine is polite and eager to please. He basically lives in the middle of nowhere, so it was a whole day of travel for him. Yet he arrived fresh, energetic, and happy to do some video for us. Constantine is into women, and has no experience with guys. He loves women's asses, especially eating them out. He loves to rim, but Constantine has yet to fuck them in the ass. Perhaps we can find him some ass for him to fuck? Maybe not the gender he was hoping for, but I think he might even like to rim a dude. Constantine was a little a nervous, so it took him a bit to get fully hard. But once he was up, his cock kept dripping pre-cum. He was so turned on! And that certainly showed when it came time to cum! His load shoots out and coats his face! His reaction is fantastic too. Some guys will crack-up, but I think he was glad he got such distance that he took it seriously. I even did a little slow-mo replay for you guys! A very hot ending from a very hot dude!
Format: mp4
Duration: 16:20
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Audio: 118kbps

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