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If you have been reading my summaries about Kyle, you may notice I seem to mention he is always about to cum. We have gotten some nice OutTakes of him tapping out during oral, jerking and fucking, for fear of busting to soon. He gets SO turned-on during these shoots.
So, getting him in the Edge chair was one of my goals.
Since Greyson loves to service guys and definitely goes for a rough Top, I wanted to train him up to do Edge videos. He watched a few beforehand, and got the rhythm down. At first, he jumps around to several positions, rushing through, and then he slowed down and realized how fun it was to tease and edge a guy for as long as possible.
Some really RAW extra fantasy elements, and boy is Greyson a great Bottom!
This is a very hot Edge video with two super-hot dudes! Add it to your collection today!
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