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There’s an article everyday online about how the health professions are going to provide the growth opportunities and steady employment of the future. But these articles never talk about the strange and unusual medical job requirements at places like DDF Genital Hospital, where Nurse Tiffany Doll is hired not for her expertise in drawing sap or administering shots, but to serve up her asshole to the hospital’s ongoing series of investigations into the elasticity of the female genitalia and rectum. Choky Ice is called in for a consultation, bringing in a string of huge flesh-colored rubber geisha balls, and once he gets Nurse Doll out of her scrubs and bare-ass naked, it’s time to plunge one of those balls, which look like something Babe Ruth would have enjoying batting out of Yankee Stadium, into her heinie. Tiffany is as game as a gal can be as she lifts up her legs by the ankles as she lays on the exam table and takes that monster globe in her bottom. Afterward her gape looks like the opening of a cave in a sci-fi movie about a trip to the center of the earth.
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