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Dominic Pacifico is ready to get his hole worked over, and Armond Rizzo selects a knobby, orange toy for the task. Dominic pants heavily as he urges Armond to go deeper. Armond fingers Dominc's hole with one, two, then three fingers, slowly opening up his ass to take that big toy. Armond is so turned on, his jockstrap literally can't contain his package: he shreds the straining fabric, revealing his engorged, uncut cock. With renewed vigor, Armond selects an enormous, freaky green dildo and uses it to stretch open Dominic's ass. Armond's cock slaps against the bottom of Dominic's black boots. Slapping his ass and pulling his cheeks open, Dominic wants more and more! Rolling on his back, Dominic pulls out his huge cock and jerks until he explodes with creamy, white cum! Kneeling over Dominic's face, Armond unleashes thick ropes of cum directly into Dominic's mouth and onto his face.
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