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I was really happy that Eddie came to the studio, eager to swap oral with a guy. I think it something he truly likes to do with a guy.
And of course Griffin is the master cock sucker on the site. He was pleased to have 8-inches of cock sliding down his throat.
Both guys are hungry for each other's cocks, trying their best to outdo their buddy. Griffin starts by giving him head, but Eddie swaps places and shows us his aggressive cock-sucking skills.
Griffin has him sit down, so he can really attack his cock. He edges him in that position until Eddie wants to fuck his face. Griffin's favorite position! You can tell that Eddie really knows how to fuck based on the way he face-fuck Griffin!
Eddie gets his ass rimmed while he sucks on Griffins cock.
Eddie gives Griffin an amazing open-mouth facial. With cum dripping everywhere, he pulls Griffin's ankles up into the air, and Griffin dumps his own load on his face. See! Two facials, one guy! ;-)
Eddie's cock jumps around as Griffin's cum drops down on to his chin and mouth.
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