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Kevin hit me up to do some videos as he was somewhat local.
He has done some scenes elsewhere and was looking for something a little closer to him.
This hot military looking dude showed-up eager and excited to shoot some video. He brought his longtime girlfriend with him for the overnight stay. She was sweet and also eager to see what her boyfriend has been getting up to.
While he wasn't picky about the porn I put on for him, after his long drive he said he wasn't in the mood. I finally found just the right girl and once he zeroed in on her, we were fine.
He is already a polished performer and he strokes his big cock like a pro, playing to the cameras nicely.
When he did cum, I asked him when he last came, and he said several hours earlier! I was like, "Ah ha!" that explains him saying he wasn't in the mood.
I made him promise to at least hold out 24 hours.
He said normally it wasn't and issue and said he would still cum a ton.
Which he did!
He toyed with his cock, edging himself, and when I said he should go for it, he just immediately busted a nice load.
Total pro!
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