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I picked up French tourist Ian Scott today in the Fake Taxi, and oh my, was it ever a hot day! The sun was shining and the humidity was wild, which was an issue for me, because the windows and AC in the taxi were busted. Ian immediately started to talk about the heat, as I guessed he would. He told me how he liked the heat, since it meant all the ladies walked around half naked. As we drove we were both sweating, so he asked if he could get naked. He was cute, so I wasn't going to complain, and seeing his big dick made me horny, so when he asked me if I wanted to take my tits out, I did so gladly! I pulled off on the side of the road and joined him in the backseat. I got naked too and sucked his cock, then sat on his face so he could eat my ass and pussy. We shared a hot and sexy fuck, and then I asked him for a facial!
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