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Release Year: 2012
Studio: RandyBlue
Genres: Ass Play, Big Dick, Masturbation, Muscles, Solo, Tattoos.
You see him looking up at you from your phone. The mobile hookup site is the perfect place to order in when you are just not in the mood to cruise and you are now looking at your main course. A few texts later and there he is at your door, the incredibly handsome Dale Cooper. His handsome scruffy face looks even hotter than his photo and when he smiles you are as much his as he is yours. You do not even need to say a word, he knows exactly why he is there. Stripping seductively down to a jock strap, he knows you are eyeing him up like a piece of beef and he wants to give you the show of your life. He teases his finger around his hot hairy hole and just when you think he will pull away he plunges it deep inside, wishing aloud that it was your dick instead. He works his finger in and out and his cock be hard as a rock. When he shows you his entire body, from the athletic musculature of his chest to the chiseled strength of his legs you want so hard to take in the full picture but you cannot. The monster cock now standing at full mast is taking all of your attention. Framed by a delicious patch of thick dark pubic hair and a pair of low hanging balls, his cock would easily take two hands to wrestle into submission. Finally, once his show is nearingpletion he lay you down on the floor and showers you with his hot creamy spunk. Leaving you exhausted and spent just from watching him. You know he will be back for more. A lot more.
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