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Joe Landon comes home from work to discover that he is no longer welcome. Tossed from the nest, Joe moves on to build a new life in the city. Teaming up with Scott Matthews for play for pay, Joe then meets Chris Rock, who teaches him the ropes on how to succeed in the world of high-class male hustling. The two instantly hit it off and proceed to cross the line between work, sex, and love.
1. After being kicked out of his house by his father, Joe Landon starts tricking. In his first job he fucks Scott Matthews after covering up the surveilance camera.
2. Chris Rock, the man behind the camera picks Joe up and offers to teach him the ropes of the business. They take a shower together and the lesson start.
3. Joe watches Chris service client Marco Antonio. Chris manages to swallow the Marco's entire uncut dick. Marco does the fucking and then gives a big money shot.
4. Joe is commanded to tell a story. He tells a hot story about with Alex Carrington as a big uncut dicked matador in Spain who interviews Tony Cummings. After sucking each other Tony gets mata-fucked and cums with a dick up his butt.
5. Joe and Scott get sent out to Joe's first clients, Joey Stevens and Steve O'Donnell. Joe chickens out and leaves Scott to take on the two by himself. This is a surprisingly tender threesome with Joey playfully intracting with the other two and even with the camera. Joey gets fucked by everybody in a number of positions before Scott puts out his hole for Steve. Steve cuomes with a dick up his ass, Joey holds out his hand to catch a shower of Scott's come.
6. Chris and Joe decide they are in love and make love. Uncharacteristically, Joe fucks the older, bigger Chris in every position around the clock. Chris cums with Joe inside and then Joe gives a big load on his chest.
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