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Damian Rod + Shane Stone
This scene opens with Shane slurping and slobbering all over Damian's mulatto cock. Growing bigger and bigger in his mouth, Shane uses his talented oral skills to get Damian rock hard. The action heats up as Damian and Shane passionately kiss and neck as they do each other 69. The action steps into high gear as Damian throws Shane on his back to eat his ass deeper¦Moving back and forth between his smooth raw hole and long hard cock, Damian gives Shane his oral delight. Damian's fantastic tonguing and rim job leaves Shane's hole quivering and begging for more. The action heats up when Damian slams his raw dick into Shane's eager bareback hole. Damian rides Shane raw as he nails his ass with deep pounding thrusts. Shane begs for it hard and deeper with every thrust he gets. Damian continues to work up his sweat as he continues to pummel Shane's hole. The action intensifies when Shane rides Damian cowboy style while jerking his own rock hard rod. Shane grinds his ass cheeks deep onto Damian's hips and rides him endlessly. The scene then takes an interesting twist as Shane tops the Top and fucks Damian raw in return. Damian so eager to prove he can be a great bottom too rides Shane's raw dick reverse cowboy as he strokes and tugs on his own cock. Shane power fucks his ass with quick punishing thrusts. The scene reaches its climax when both these guys shoot their wads and drain their nuts. Damian gets a squirt full of Shane load in his mouth and on his lips and returns the favor as he busts his nut all over Damian's mouth and lips. The scene concludes with each of these guys kissing, licking, and tasting one another while covered in their own sweat and juices.
Chris Neal + John Andrews
The scene opens with John on his hands and knees eagerly sucking and servicing Chris's thick inked cock. John deep throats his tool with ease much to Chris' surprise and delight. Chris quickly returns the favor as he eats and rims John's muscle ass. The sex steps into high gear when Chris slides his huge cock into John's raw twitching hole. Chris fucks his butt bareback from behind in doggie style. He drives his dick hard into John's raw crack. The hot sex intensifies when Chris pulls John to the side of the bed, bends him over, grabs his hips, and power fucks his ass relentlessly. Chris fucks him with long hard strokes as he moans in delight. The scene reaches its climax when John shoots his load all over Chris's chest and pecs as he is riding him cowboy style. Chris continues to grind his cock deep into John's smooth hole. John pulls himself off of Chris's cock just in enough time to watch it explodes all over his face and stomach. The scene ends with these guys embracing and thanking each other for the hot load and the great sex!
Sage Daniels + Butch Bloom
The scene opens with Sage and Butch kissing, necking and fondling one another. Butch quickly gets on his knees and buries his face into Sage's jockstrap exposing his rock solid woody. Butch feverishly sucks and swallows Sage's dick. He returns the favor and orders Butch on his stomach as he rims and licks his pink hairy hole. Sage teases and taunts his butt crack in preparation for the raw fuck he will be throwing into him. The sex steps into high gear when Butch takes his seat on Sage's raw pole and rides him cowboy style. He works his ass cheeks deep onto Sage's cock with long hard strokes. Butch pants in delight as he feels Sage deeper and deeper inside him. The hot sex intensifies when Sage throws Butch onto his back and spread his legs wide open exposing his twitching sloppy hole. Sage pile drives his dick hard into Butch's bareback crack. Sage quickly orders Butch back onto his stomach. He spreads his ass cheeks open then straddles Butch's thighs and nails him balls deep. Butch screams in rapture as Sage shows him what a great Top he is. The scenes reaches its climax when Sage slides his cock back into Butch doggie style and fucks him raw until he shoots his nut all over his gaping hole. Sage continues to cum deep inside of Butch's ass making sure that he is bred fully. Sage eagerly slides down in between Butch's butt cheeks and felches his ass clean. Sage pulls Butch back towards him as they engage in a hot sloppy snowball kiss. Butch doesn't lose a drop as he sits back onto Sage's raw prick. He rides his cock while stroking his own uncut prick. He shoots a sticky chunky load of cream all over Sage's belly. Not to be outdone, Butch gobbles up the entire load he just shot and snowballs it back with Sage in a deep wet kiss. The scene concludes with both of these guys in a tender hug as they continue to sample the loads they just shot.
Travis Turner + Kasey Anthony
The scene opens with Kasey on his knees with his face buried in Travis' crotch. Kasey slobbers and slurps on Travis' hung cut tool. Kasey tongues and sucks his big hanging nuts working his mouth closer and closer to his beefy ass crack. Travis returns the favor as he gets a taste of Kasey's uncut rican cock. Travis uses his mouth and tongue all over Kasey's cock and balls. It's not long before Kasey's face is back in between Travis's ass cheeks. Travis flips over to lie on his back and exposes his huge raw boner. Kasey's hole is itching to get fucked raw and Travis gladly obliges. Kasey grabs Travis's stiff woody and slides his raw cheeks deep onto Travis's cock. Kasey rides Travis cowboy style with deep hard thrusts. Travis takes the lead and flips Kasey onto his back and continues to fuck him with hard strides. Kasey is hanging onto Travis's thighs as he is fucked like a rag doll. Travis gets his chance and rides Kasey's thick uncut bareback. Travis's beefy ass cheeks suck and swallow Kasey's thick cock. The scene reaches its climax when Kasey pile drives Travis's raw ass and fuck the load right out of Travis's nuts. Kasey in dramatic fashion wildly shoots and explodes all over Travis's sweaty chest and pecs. Kasey wastes no time and licks up the load as they share a swap a deep kiss.
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