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Cast: Empress Elle
Genres: Femdom, Foot Worship, Foot Gagging
Video language: English
Empress Elle may be only 19, but having been raised in a Femdom household, She is actually quite experienced in male training, and especially foot slavery. After giving Her slave his basic foot training, She is now taking him through the intermediate stages of foot slavery, namely: breathing nothing but her precious feet- smothering – and especially warming Her perpetually cold tender tootsies – AKA Foot Gagging or Foot Swallowing. Empress Elle is truly ruthless, and will not hesitate to use Her flogger liberally to enforce Her will. She is seated on a black chaise lounge, with Her bare tootsies resting on his chest. He is chained, hooded and blindfolded – completely helpless – at Her feet. She starts off by sealing off his airways with Her perfect feet and giving him a series of countdowns, starting with 15 seconds and moving up from there. She makes it especially hard for him by flogging him, making him scream in pain and expel most or all of his air, so he is never able to take a large breath of air. She tires of this game and quickly moves to foot swallowing – She wants to feel his lips around Her delicate ankle eventually. She tells him to open his mouth wide and holding his head with one foot, She starts to cram the other slowly down his throat. He quickly starts choking and gagging, but She just pushes harder and when he starts choking and bucking up and down, She backs off and starts wailing on him with the flogger, striping his prone body visibly. He starts crying and complaining “Mistress, I can’t take anymore, You’re choking me!” – She just cooly says “I don’t care. You’re going to take My foot down your throat.” and starts whacking him over and over and over with the flogger. He rolls around trying to avoid it, but he is chained and blindfolded and can do nothing but take Her punishment and Her feet down his throat. She is able to get all of Her beautiful toes into his mouth and close to half Her foot. Only 50% left to go!
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