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Cast: Mistress Stephie Staar, Queen Aryal
Genres: Femdom, Foot Worship, Foot Gagging
Video language: English
Mistress Stephie Staar is imparting some Femdom wisdom with Queen Aryal on some of the finer points of foot gagging and foot slave training. They are sitting regally on their thrones, with a worthless male foot slave in a latex bondage hood, metal cuffs secured and a posture collar and leash on. She explains that this particular foot slave is a house slave that has been broken and put through every type of degrading and painful torture imaginable, and therefore has few limits, but is now privileged to serve as a Woman’s dirty foot cleaner, sweaty foot cleaner, exfoliant, toe jam eater, etc. He is reserved for the “tough” foot jobs that his Owner requires. She starts off by foot gagging the slave, getting a good portion of the front of Her beautiful tootsies into his mouth, making it pocket on the side where Her toenails are digging out the insides of his cheeks. Queen Aryal loves this, and decided to join in the fun. The slaves head is completely controlled and dominated by at least three, but often four gorgeous, suckable feet. One foot will hold his head down by the forehead, while another pries his chin open to accept two more down his worthless throat. The slave is trying so hard to gag, but soon retches, after getting up to three feet into his mouth and partially down his throat. They pinch his nose while another foot goes down his throat, or two seal his air off on his mouth while another cuts his air with Her shapely toes. Finally the two Dommes tire of this and decide it’s time for some more severe punishment, coming soon...
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