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Whirlpool of carnal drifting in a dungeon, the voice of a hungry man coming to me! The man I loved is a devil man ... "Black Rigid Body Market" 6th! Brainwashing Butterfly! An ordinary gay couple who enjoys the city. "Your soft cream is delicious!" Two people who love each other. When I go back to the room ... handcuffs to the rotor, medicine ... relationship of the two people changing suddenly. Refreshing ex-Physical Association Riemann's business partner .... An iron grid placed in the room. Something is wrong. A former professional athlete who got by a man and got sick at heart.
"As long as there is that man ..." A man who receives counseling many times. If you notice, your hands are chained together and you're in a jail ... you're torn up clothes, you're playing with dicks, and the meat stick is in the men's ass without movement! Dark rigid body market held! There is a brainwashed slave who was brainwashed and erected and starved for a man!
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