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Release Year: 2018
Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Cast: Nikolai, Jared
Genres: bdsm, gay, fetish, fisting, hunks, porn, spanking
Nikolai lies on the cross, naked, arms stretched wide and strapped to the horizontal beam, his beautiful stomach sucked in, occasionally quivering from a lack of food. At the start of his ordeal, Nikolai was told his final torture - 12 hours on the cross – would be reduced to 10 hours if he pumped out a load of cum. He did, but we lied. He’ll hang on the cross not for 12, but for 14 hours. The young man is, after all, an Olympic athlete in peak condition - and he must suffer terribly. But first he is allowed an hour’s “rest,” strapped to his torture device, waiting to be raised. Suddenly, he feels himself being lifted. In two minutes he understands the power of the cross, every muscle in his body taut and strained. My god, he is beautiful.
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Duration: 16:38
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