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Release Year: 2019
Cast: Eliza Ibarra
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Bambino has the hots for his Eliza Ibarra, so he decides to prank her into helping him relieve some of the sexual tension. While they're sitting together on the couch, Bambino tells Eliza that he has a cramp in his leg and asks her to rub it for him. She agrees, rubbing his leg through a blanket without realizing she has her hands on Bambino's big hardon. He encourages her to keep it up until he cums, at which point Eliza notices the moisture and freaks out. That's when Bambino's mom, Claudia Monet, walks in and scolds Eliza for corrupting her .
Eliza can't let an act like that go unpunished, so she decides to get back at Bambino. When he's in the shower, Eliza texts his girlfriend and cancels the date from Bambino's phone due to a supposed illness. Then she gets naked and crawls into Bambino's bed with the covers arranged so that just her plump bottom and pussy are showing. Bambino assumes it's his girlfriend, so he whips it out and slides his fuck stick home.
When Bambino pulls the covers back and realizes his mistake, Eliza is all smiles that she has gotten him back for his earlier prank. She doesn't want Bambino to stop banging her and her tight twat does feel pretty good so he lets Eliza blow him and then climb on top so she can ride him to her heart's content. Bambino tries to let Eliza know when he's about to cum, but she just keeps on milking that fuck stick until he blows his load on top of her. Only then does she announce that the real April fool's prank is that she's not on birth control, which leaves Bambino freaking out.
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