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Braxton, sitting on the couch when he enters the set. Braxton, our Bait boy, is a cute, fit Cajun boy from Louisiana. He loves to fuck and get fucked and loves straight dudes he says because they're 'masculine'. And his favorite thing on another guy is a tight, muscular bubble butt. Braxton says he sleeps during the day and has sex all night. When you add all of that sex to the number of times he's done a porn scene over the last ten years, it's so much that he compares it to an 'all you can eat buffet'. And as much sex as Braxton has, Jordan can match that with his heavy . His last girlfriend left him because he wouldn't stop. He said he even keeps a flask at work for when he has a tough customer. This lead to him fucking a girl he interviewed right in the lobby of the building where he worked. His girlfriend also didn't like that he shaved all his body hair. It might have looked better on the beach in his lifeguard speedo, but it scratched the shit out of her.
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