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Cast: Marco Sessions, Kingsley Rippon
Genres: hunks, muscles, oral, rimming, anal, dildos, condoms, cumshots
Marco has invited Kingsley round for some dinner, offering to help out he reaches into the dishwasher for some clean saucepans, only to find a little something unusual in there! Two big boys bum-toys! A little shocked, Kingsley immediately confronts Marco, who is naturally a little embarrassed. Lost for words, there is an awkward silence between the two, Marco says he was just cleaning them, after an earlier hole stuffing session. Kingsley is intrigued and wants to see just how well he can take them, so in the heat of the moment he grabs the now unusually timid Marco and sticks his tongue down his throat! The boys get into it, sucking each others big cocks before Marco bends over to receive Kingsley's fat dick. Fucking furiously over the chrome and hard wood of the kitchen, Marco feels loose enough to go for the toys.
This is a real hole stretching experience!
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Duration: 27:32
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