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Abigail Dupree is challenged to her extreme in this dominant ghetto prostitute roleplay to humiliate and degrade a guy, a fan that loves to give her odd things to accomplish to further her slave training. This is a fast paced Small Penis Humiliation, SPH humiliation Jack Off Instruction, Joi session that is quite verbally vulgar in many ways that he has never seen or heard before. This tower of power is armed with venom, she really tells this guy off with her controlling characterization and he is loving every second of it. That is Entertainment! This is also about training the slave to role play in a fetish character that is unnatural for the slave to perform and it's a lot of fun watching her squirm in her preparations. Though this slave is completely submissive, she has no problem jumping right into character once the camera starts rolling. She degrades him in the likes you have never seen before. This slave with a strap-on makes fun of his guys tiny cock in so many ways, it will have you either felling bad for the guy or your laughing your ass off while watching. One part is telling him that she is going to fuck him instead of him just masturbating. She straps on her dildo and fucks the mouth simulated masturbator and tells him to open his lily white fucking mouth while I fuck you, suck it bitch, choke in it bitch, I am going to cum in your little pussy mouth bitch and I will cum in it.
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