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Release Year: 2016
Guriguri of the full version is here evolution !! ?
Production Positions mass adding, additional !! ejaculation scene in all its
Positions limitations as long as the permit commitment to half the mid outside ejaculation (newly added ejaculation scene)
Of - depending on the situation respiration rate, to the more subtle expressions such as reaction to get Vic.
Positions change of production remains of leave put. All Positions leads without disconnecting!
Put was left even allow one shot jump from the list.
Easy let go play by the installation of auto-play mode. Full automatic progress by setting the play and time you want to see.
Favorite also corresponds to the repeat playback of the climax scene and ejaculation scene.
ADV part is possible to replay from the chapter.
And responding to the takeover of the previous play data, also collected also selectable all open if Nante trouble from the beginning.
The video screen can be displayed in the window full.
Gallery at the falling picture, even admiration Allowed one picture.
Penis for the first time eyes, excitement to suck in shame Lau.
Well even hungrily at will the booty that lies in front of the eye
Well even look also caress the white skin transparent carefully
All is up to you !!
Making full use of a variety of materialization, Sero' !! silence his own meat stick
version 1.1 update "confusion" Materia additional ?
Please note the overlap purchase it will be in a single piece rather than an additional pack.
This work will be to add a modified version of the video and the function of "Guriguri
There is no change to the story of ADV part.
Version-up information
Series: Guriguri cute
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Coterie software
Video Movies
/ Interactive Nagawari erotic 3D
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WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Yes voice
There is music
3D Movies
Yes Reviews
Pies your touch

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