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Bad Daddy Buck Hammer dominates as a bad-ass top-man in a sex-slave training camp in this dark butt-play classic from Plain Wrapped Video. Leather Masters use every tool of the trade - masks and hoods, cock & ball harnesses, collars, leashes, butt-plugs, giant dildos - whatever it takes, including their own rugged fists - to teach these willing slaves the 'ins and outs' of hardcore butt play!Buck Hammer, Steve Hood. Former football pro Buck Hammer gives Steve Hood an aggressive talking to, commanding him to suck on a leather leash while he tweaks Hoods nipples and fondles his cock. Buck smacks the kid's ripe ass while making him lick his boots and clean his hairy armpits. Hood only stops long enough to pant 'yes sir - thank you sir' and returns to gnawing on Hammer's leather-clad cock.
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