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Release Year: 2014
Studio: Roselip-Fetish
Cast: Hiro, Ai Mizushima (aka Chacha Anku)
Genres: Uncensored, Japanese, Soft Femdom, Foot Domination, Blowjob, Amateur, Cum Shot
Video language: English
Something happened on an ordinary day. It was warm weather, the sun shone brightly, the birds twittered and somewhere in the distance, from a neighboring yard, heard loud and happy voices of playing. Everything pointed to the fact that this day will pass quietly and steadily, and nothing will break a lonely life of our protagonist - a 45-year-old bachelor. After a hearty dinner, as usual, he decided to come out of his den to walk before bedtime. But before he could close the door, I saw two curvy girls who walked slowly through the empty and gloomy corridor and approaching ever closer to our bachelor. As if they were waiting for their prey. Drew level with them, the girls leaned him against the wall and began to stroke the protagonist for various and not very intimate - space. A man - priherel !!! It can be read by his perplexed and Ofigevshy view - the size of 5 cents. At first, the man thought - not whether the fungus to blame, he Tuesday at in the underpass and have recently bought ate for dinner? Well it hurts because glitches seems) But as he still felt stronger physical touch ladies gradually this theory "of the hallucinogenic fungi" found no grounds for further development and vanished. Bach, meanwhile prihereval even more and was sitting on the cement floor, ladies and kneaded his "faithful friend" his legs. Apparently, not destined to go on a bachelor light of day. I stuck it in the dark and gloomy dungeons korridornyh. Outside the sun, the heat, the birds ..... but here he is sitting on the floor and could not move. Not that he did not like what was happening, but when it happens unexpectedly and unplanned, and so that's just here and battered macho may initially confused. Meanwhile, the ladies began to work on the main character through oral sex. It was very interesting: the three of us a kiss) And then oral manipulation moved to his "manhood." At the end of our bachelor I broke down and flopped straight into the mouth of one of the of his "cocktail of lust." For a long time apologizing for such freedom .... But then, something happened and the man woke up. He stood alone in the dark and gloomy hallway with his pants down and kept his "pod" in their hands. Yes ..... it is still probably fungi were wrong .....
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 24:39
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 2734kbps
Audio: 187kbps

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