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Cast: Lindsey Olsen
Video language: English
Lindsey goes for the longest time without taking off a single item of clothing and we milk it for as long as we can because she looks so good in her short blue dress and dark silky pantyhose. We think you will agree that the face is very attractive and the legs are amazing in the pantyhose. The tease goes on forever giving pantyhose lovers tons of time to just soak in her leggy seductions. There’s some beautiful glimpses of ass and pussy with the dress coming up enough to bare the bottom of her ass and with no crotch lining in the pantyhose allowing you to see right through to her pussy and ass hole through the fabric when she bends over. There’s moments where she might as well be bottomless as she lies back with her legs wide open letting the pussy be seen clearly through the pantyhose. 18 Minutes in she is right back to where she started standing against the door with her dress adjusted to normal and looking totally hot while still fully dressed. Only in the last few minutes does she remove her dress to pose in just her pantyhose and heels.
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