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So Much Mickey: Mickey Taylor is doing a live show tonight with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox. They have been filming porn all week and finally get to do a show for everyone online. With an ass as nice as Mickey Taylor's it's no surprise both Colby and Mickey want to top him tonight. Colby is quick to the draw and positions himself nicely to go first. He gets behind Mickey Taylor right from the start and does not stop thrusting until he blows his load all over Mickey's plump ass. Next Mickey Knox gets his turn. He lays back and watches as Mickey Taylor rides his cock like never before. After while Mickey Taylor is ready for his turn to fuck some ass and Mickey Knox steps up to the plate. He bends over and lets Mickey Taylor pound his tight ass from behind. Of corse after a good fucking Mickey is in for a huge facial. It's kind of been Mickey Taylor's trademark this trip, hitting his partners right in the face with every load.
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