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The latest highly anticipated double feature from Hot Hand Productions. Experience the raw energy in this second of a two-part celebration of slings, leather, fisting, and assplay.
Matt Sizemore and Aaron Tanner play manly games in the surreal glowing darkness of a dungeon setting. Aaron devotes himself to stimulating every inch of Matt's chest with his tongue. He then swallows every inch of Matt's monster cock, demonstrating his superior oral skills. Pushed to the brink of rapture Matt can hold out no longer, spewing his load over Aaron's face. Then Matt teases Aaron's asshole with his cock. Aaron begs for more and Matt happily complies, slamming Aaron's asshole wildly. Surrendering to frenzied desire, the studs spill forth thick ropes of satisfaction.
The next scene begins as Enrico Vega demonstrates his oral skills for Hot Hand Favorite Sky Donovan. When Sky's cock is thoroughly soaked and stiff, Enrico lowers his attentions and rims the appreciative stud. Finally, Enrico spreads Sky's hole and begins a prolonged and deliberate session of fisting which leaves both men spent and satisfied.
Lusty Hot Hand Favorite Aaron Tanner can't resist the temptation of a locker filled with dildos. Within minutes he's out of his fatigues and enjoying the varied assortment of smooth, stimulating latex toys. Just as Aaron is relaxed, opened, and stretched, a stranger stumbles in to lend a helping hand, sending Aaron beyond the threshold of satiety.
Michael Brandon lovingly rims sling-bound Hot Hand newcomer Matt Fuller, relaxing and preparing his hole for an exhilarating fisting encounter to come. Matt rises to the challenge, begging Michael for deeper and more urgent probing, which propels both studs beyond expectation into the erotic elation which closes the scene.
Butt Out features four scenes of intense cock sucking, butt-fucking and over-the-top handball action! The sizzling-hot cast goes all out to make sure that every hole gets filled and every load gets shot, especially yours!
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