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Four surprisingly stylish and tasteful scenes of male fisting located in attractive indoor and outdoor settings. Mike Vista reclines and gropes his own ass on a green lounger on a lovely, European-styled patio. It's not long before he's having a splendid time riding Michael Brandon's fist up to the wrist. With things properly expanded, Brandon fucks Vista and then the two men happily jerk geysers of cum onto one another.
Wristrider features six fisting all-stars in four butt-busting scenes: insatiable bottom Mike Vista gets pumped, plowed and plugged by all 11 inches of Michael Brandon; sex pigs Rik Jammer and Michael Soldier get nasty in their tent and hike naked through the woods to a mountain top where they give new meaning to the expression 'roughing it;' sexy Nate Summers gets himself off riding dildos and butt-plugs from the bedroom to the backyard; and Michael Brandon returns to fill every hole on adorable bottom-boy Sky Donovan.
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