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James Lee is an 18 year old Texan with an ornery disposition and a sexy bod. James is very much the experimental type, and for such a young guy seems to have experienced a lot already, including bisexual threeways! In spite of his outgoing style, though, he had been very nervous in the days leading up to his jerk-off vid. We had known James for a while, and we were not worried in the slightest. However, little did we realize how much meat James was packing! Once his clothes are off he gives his dick a few tugs and he is soon sporting a tremendous rock hard cock! He works his dick in his hands like a little horny bastard, and after a few minutes stands up to give us a better view. His dick stands at full attention as he keeps a steady hand. James then gets on the floor on his knees to start fingering his ass, and it is a tough call as to whether he has a nicer ass or a nicer cock. Moaning and breathing even heavier, James spreads his ass cheek as he continues to pull on his dick. This excitement gets James pretty close to cumming, and he rolls over onto his back splayed out on the floor. In the final few minutes, he grips his dick harder and strokes a little more fervently until he explodes. Cum lands all over his torso, and that is the end to one hot show!

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